FDI_0977We are all about quality at Mossy Pond Retrievers New York (MPRNY). Starting with the quality and care we provide our dogs, to the environment and facilities we offer our clients.

Our kennel is first class. It’s big at almost 3,000 square feet, offering our dogs plenty of private and clean space. It features state-of-the-art, climate-controlled runs with wall panels that open and close, weather permitting. All kennels are completely covered keeping our dogs safe and sound from nature’s elements.

Sitting on over 160 acres, we expose our dogs to various terrain and obstacles, ideally suited for retrievers. For those in need of water work, or hunt test and field trial preparation, MPRNY has several highly technical ponds. Widely referred to as “tech ponds”, these bodies of water contain numerous points, islands and channels, essential for teaching dogs to cross obstacles and take straight lines to and from the fall.
Additionally, our dogs train year round, wintering in south Georgia, on the 600 acre Mossy Pond Retriever compound. Competition dogs may run in Field Trials or Hunt Tests in the southeastern United States, giving them a competitive edge when they return north in the springtime.