Here at Mossy Pond Retrievers (MPRNY) we offer a well-rounded training program designed to fit all clients’ needs.

We specialize in training gun dogs, dogs interested in competing in AKC sanctioned hunt tests and field trials and the gentlemen’s gun dog, dogs that flush and retrieve.
image3Dogs are exposed to various environments, terrain and situations during their stay. We incorporate the use of bumpers, decoys and live birds throughout the training process. Our live birds include ducks, quail, pigeons, and pheasant. We utilize the natural game year round, preparing your retriever for all hunting situations.

Our most popular training is our four month “Boot Camp”. During this time dogs undergo training in obedience, steady in the field, deliver to hand, and are socialized to gunfire. We also include introduction to live birds, decoys, blinds and boats. Graduates of this stage are considered “started” and move on to higher levels such as “seasoned” and “master”.

In addition to the daily training regimen, each dog receives specialized time; one-on-one training, and “pack time” (interacting with other dogs) and daily exercise.



Who is the trainer Brad Arington?

Brad has a report card an honor student would envy.

MPR currently has 26 dogs running at a Master Hunter (MH) level and / or are Hunting Retriever Champions, taking home 107 ribbons in 2010 and 2011; 257 ribbons in 2012.
Valdosta, Georgia born Brad Arington got his first Labrador, Bo, while in high school and with help from another trainer, they groomed Bo so well he won every event he entered. Bo’s feats did not go unnoticed.

A family friend who owned a lab pup offered Brad a case of shot gun shells to train his young dog. Not long after, under a shade tree in a dove field, an acquaintance proposed to pay for and lease back to Brad a 12-dog kennel. By the time it was finished, the kennel was full and a waiting list was started.

Even though Brad worked as a night shift electrician for CSX Railroad for five years, he never stopped training retrievers. His big break came in 2005 when his father in law deeded seven acres to Brad to build a 40-run climate controlled 4200 square foot kennel. By the time the move-in date arrived, 18 gun dogs were in training and Lee Howard and Mack Boatright were on the payroll as professional trainers.

Initially, Mossy Pond Retrievers focused on training dogs for AKC and UKC sanctioned hunt tests and gentlemen’s gun dogs that flush and retrieve. Brad says “We train all gun dogs but specialize in retrievers.” Current breeds include Golden Retrievers, Labs, Boykins and German shorthairs. In 2014, Brad began running AKC Field Trials, where he continues to have the same success he had in the Hunt Test arena.

Mossy Pond Retrievers in Offerman, GA went through a construction growth phase, building a rustic lodge that sleeps 12 and a dining area that seats 200, overlooking six technical ponds. The lodge is perfect for private gatherings and clients who want to observe their dogs in training. The 600 acre property includes a 5 stand skeet shooting range and is home to Mossy Pond Outfitters. It is an ideal location for sanctioned hunt tests, seminars, shooting tournaments, private quail, pheasant and duck shoots and special events of all types.

Professional trainer Colby Williams trains out of Mossy Pond Retrievers North in Hodges, South Carolina. All of the Mossy Pond programs begin with the minimum training period or “boot camp” of four months. In this period, dogs undergo training in obedience, steady in the field, deliver to the hand, and are socialized to gun fire, decoys, blinds and boats. Live quail, ducks, pigeons, and pheasants are used in training. Graduates of this stage are considered “Started” and can move on to the higher grades – “seasoned” and “master level”.